Smaller Custom Wooden Boxes
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Smaller functional hardwood wooden boxes designed and crafted to order.  The following are but a few examples, so if you have a particular design requirement please do not hesitate to contact BespokeCraft. Click individual images to enlarge

Handcrafted needlework box with swivel lid in red meranti hardwood

Small Wooden Presentation Boxes

A range of highly flexible small custom wooden boxes sized to suit.  Internally, the base could be solid polished wood, lined with cotton velvet, or real leather.  Shown fitted with 2 small brass barrel hinges and a decorative brass-effect catch.  Small magnets are an alternative catch if required. Numerous design variations possible; see this page below.  See also.

As shown: w150 x d90 x h65 mm. From £35 each (without engraving) Code:200
Handcrafted box with angled lid

Small Wooden Presentation Boxes - Variants

Variants of the above basic design as required.  For example, a sloping-lid design possibly suitable for prominently displaying engraved text/image on the lid.  Sized as required.

Handcrafted small wooden box Shown in amazakoue
Handcrafted small wooden boxes

Presentation Wooden Boxes

A range of medium sized boxes where the lid sits flush with the side walls and hinges on 2 small pins.  The lid can be made flush with the front wall or given a small overlap.  Decorative catches or tiny magnets acting as catches are options.   Internally the base is lined with cotton velvet or real leather as required.   Suitable as small jewellery boxes or to house specific gifts.   All boxes made to order and to size required.

This design adapts well to holding CD/DVD cases - see here

As shown circa w200 x d150 x h85 mm or as required. From £40 each as shown Code:201

Really Small Wooden Boxes

Small custom wooden boxes shown, on the left, crafted in the hardwood amazakoue with oak ends and, on the right, in oak.  Hinges formed by pins through the side walls.  Tiny magnets, if required, lightly hold the lid closed.   Lid shown machine engraved. Finished with a buffing of hard wax.

As shown: w105 x d60 x h40 mm.   From £30 each without engraving. Code:201c
Handcrafted Yew box with lettering


The addition of engraving, where practical, can really personalise and add to the uniqueness of a box.  We can offer machine-engraving direct from our workshop. See our Engraving page for details.

Handcrafted oak cufflink box
Handcrafted oak box - open

Wooden Cuff link/Jewellery Box

Cuff link box shown in oak.  Top tray lifts out exposing lower compartments. Rare earth magnets hold the lid lightly closed.  Finished with a buffing of hard wax.  Base of tray and box lined with real leather or cotton velvet as required. Lid inlay strips optional.

As shown: constructed main walls and lid circa 18mm thick solid oak.  Other cuff link boxes here.

As shown: w275 x d140 x h100mm as shown.  From £135 as shown. Code:203

Let's get those dimensions correct

Click image left to enlarge.

Are we talking the same about measurements?

Please refer to the front as frontage or width and the front-to-back as that or the depth.  The height is the height.  If necessary please specify if your dimensions are internal or external; by default we will assume dimensions are external.

Wooden box in red meranti hardwood
Wooden box in red meranti hardwood

Larger Presentation Boxes

A significantly more substantial custom presentation box than those shown above.  Shown crafted from 20mm thick red meranti hardwood with larger barrel hinges that are hidden when the lid is closed.  If required, small but powerful magnets set into the box rim and lid form a light lid catch.  Ideal for engraving on the lid.

Wooden box in red meranti hardwood

Or, how about a matching pair.  His and Hers maybe?

Maybe an ideal box for those smaller memories.

Available in oak  if a lighter colour is required.


As shown: Frontage 235mm x depth 190mm x height 90mm. From £55 each as shown Code:200d
Wooden box in oak
Wooden box in oak

More Larger Presentation Boxes

Same design, but taller, as the box above and with sharper (less rounded) edges.  A robust, and strong, pair of magnets replaces the brass-effect clasp.  Shown with lid and walls crafted from 20mm thick solid oak; internal base lined with black velvet.  An heirloom box maybe?

As shown: Frontage 250mm x depth 190mm x height 120mm. From £85 each as shown Code:200f
Handcrafted wooden box
Oak wooden box

Larger Presentation Box - Variants

Many variants of the above design are of course possible to suit the required functionality - here the lid includes part of the side walls. Shown with walls crafted from circa 20mm thick solid oak.  Underside of lid and internal base lined with black cotton velvet.  Shown with brass barrel hinges that are not visible with the lid closed.  Options include, decorative brass-effect catches or magnet catches (shown).  A flexible design.  (CDs not included)

As shown: approx' w220 x d170 x h160mm. From £95 as shown. Code:200g
Handcrafted wooden box in dark meranti
Handcrafted wooden box in dark meranti

Slightly Different Larger Presentation Boxes

A variation of the presentation style box above where the box lid and base are also constructed from solid polished wood.  The lid, which is recessed rather than flat as above, hinges on 2 brass barrel hinges that are hidden with the lid closed.  If required, a pair of small magnets set into the box rim and lid can act as a catch.

Circa w225 x d180 x h90 mm as shown. From £85 as shown. Code:200e
Handcrafted wooden box - cube
Oak wooden box

Wooden Box Cube

Boxes based on a cube.  Examples show oak boxes crafted from circa 20mm thick solid with optional real leather lining on the internal side walls, internal base and, as required, the lid.  Variations include a plinth base and contrasting wood decoration.  Shown with brass barrel hinges that are not visible with the lid closed.  Options include, decorative brass-effect catches or magnet catches (not shown).

Shown in oak.  Prices vary according to size.

As shown: w160 x d160 x h160mm. From £95 as shown. Code:200h
Quad lid box in oak
Oak quad lid box

Quad Lid Box

A quad lid box with circa 20mm thick solid oak walls and lid.  Internal base lined, for example, with black cotton velvet or real (brown) leather.

Shown in oak.  Prices vary according size.

As shown: w200 x d200 x h115mm. From £125 as shown. Code:202d
Long and slim handcrafted wooden box in oak and amazakoue

Long and Slim

Shown with the box body in oak and a darker, reasonably figurative, lid in amazakoue.  Whilst the lid is moulded to sit atop the box it is further held in place by 4 pairs of small magnets set into the rim and lid. Internal base lined with black cotton velvet. A presentation/jewellery box for bracelets and watches maybe.  Sized as required.  Add decorative inlay for additional effect or compartments for further functionality.

Long and slim handcrafted wooden box in oak and amazakoue

Shown above in oak hardwood with amazakoue lid and, left, vice versa.  Sized as required.

Different design options available.  Image left shows small protruding circles acting as lid locators. Why not personalize with engraving?

As shown: w320 x d130 x h60mm. From £55. Code:205
Wooden pencil case in red meranti hardwood
Handcrafted wooden pencil case in oak

Decorative Wooden Pencil Cases

Simple yet elegant decorative small wooden boxes in the style of the traditional pencil case.  But not just for pencils; maybe an ideal place to store those smaller personal treasures.  A small keepsake box maybe?

As shown: w250 x d90 x h70mm. From £40. Code:204
Wooden pencil case
Wooden pencil case box

Small Wooden Pencil Case Box

There are numerous examples of wooden pencil cases on the Internet available very cheaply; however, if you cannot locate a pencil case that meets your requirements then maybe we can assist.

As shown, a longer pencil case to house a single standard pencil fitted with a pencil eraser.  Top of pencil case suitable for engraving. 

Shown in red meranti hardwood with a wax polish finish. 

As shown: w230 x d42 x h24mm. From £15. Code:207
Handcrafted wooden oak box
Wooden box with engraving

Chunky Boxes with Engraving

Shown in red meranti hardwood, this 'chunky' looking box - crafted from 20mm thick solid wood throughout - is focused on providing a base for engraving: be that simple initials through to something more complex. 

Full details and pricing on our Unusual Boxes page.

Available in oak.

As shown: w200 x d145 x h100mm Internal. Code:408

If you think we're doing OK with our small wooden box designs please recommend us on Google by clicking the button (Thanks):

Generic Design Sketch

Example Design Sketch

Can't see what you're looking for?

Please email (or 'phone) us with your key wooden box requirements/ideas - include as much detail as possible - and we'll be pleased to develop a quick sketch of a possible initial design solution for your consideration.  The design could then be developed and refined as and if required.

Go on, contact us, we enjoy discussing wooden box designs.

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Wooden box with barrel hinge
Wooden box with brass-effect hinge
Handcrafted wooden hinge


Various hinge arrangements are possible. Left shows brass barrel hinges that are hidden with the lid closed.  Centre shows decorative brass-effect hinges.  Handcrafted wooden hinges (right) are also available.  The brass barrel hinges and wooden hinges only work well on larger boxes (see examples above).  The decorative brass-effect hinges work on all boxes.