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*** We live in strange times ***

Wood prices are generally rising and availability of some woods is unpredictable

Prices on the following pages are just representative

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We design and craft hardwood boxes to your requirements.

Click images and links below for further details.

Larger Boxes - for Jewellery and Keepsakes

Larger functional custom hardwood boxes crafted to meet your requirements.

Small & Medium Boxes - for presentation, gifts and memories

Smaller functional boxes for personal and corporate use.  Crafted to your requirement and dimensions. 

Specific Purpose Boxes - for that particular job

Sometimes, one needs a functional hardwood box designed and crafted for that particular purpose.

Box Personalization Ideas - get creative

Some ideas for making a box truly unique.

Contact us now to discuss bespoke boxes be they large, small or unusual.

Our design philosophy: Avoiding excessive non-functional ornamentation.